Letterwriting Campaign

Points to remember when writing to protest against bullfighting:

The usual defence given is that it is "part of their culture or heritage". The same could be said of witch burning, bear-baiting or female circumcision. "Culture" does not turn something cruel and evil into something acceptable.

Another argument put forward is that it is "non of our business". The same could be said regarding the Holocaust in Nazi Germany, Apartheid or any other evil which happens in another country. The animal rights movement is a global one, and has no restrictions or boundaries. The animals who suffer and die belong to the animal kingdom do not care which country they happen to be born into. They just want to live their lives in peace.

On the same theme, Spain is a member of the European Economic Community (E.E.C.). As such it should come out of the dark ages and give rights to protect non human sentient beings from suffering for sick entertainment. This is unnaceptable to any civilised society.

The enjoyment of the torture and death of animals in this way is harmful to the psyche of human beings. Children who are brought up to think of this as normal have an abused mind. There is an animal to human abuse link which is now being recognised in America. Ninety per cent of murderers abused animals first. Notable examples are Robert Thompson and John Venables who murdered 3 year old James Bulger, Ian Huntley, Ian Brady and Ted Bundy.

There is also the very real mental anguish suffered by those who find this abhorrent yet know it is happening and are powerless to do anything about it because it is legal.

There is a growing animal rights movement in Spain who want to end bullfighting, who welcome the support from the animal rights movement worldwide.

Nothing positive can be gained from the abuse, torture, suffering and death of a creature. It only serves to satisfy a perverted, debased instict of those who enjoy the suffering of others, human and non human.

Addresses to write to:

The Spanish Ambassador
The Spanish Embassy,
24 Belgrave Square,
London SW1

Ministry of Interior
Amador de los Rios,

The Spanish National Tourist Office
57 St. James Street,
London SW1