11 year old matador is victim of child abuse

STOP PRESS!! Michelito, the child matador is gored twice - please protest!

The 12 year old bullfighting child was gored recently in a bullfight in Colombia. His father (an ex-bullfighter) was obliged to jump into the bullring to avoid that the kid was gored even more. Both ended in the infirmary to receive treatment for their injuries.

Please send an email to the Director of Family Welfare of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare to protest against allowing a child of 12 years old to engage professionally in a dangerous activity with the agreement of his parents.

To: atencionalciudadano@icbf.gov.co

Directora de Bienestar Familiar:

Las imágenes del niño "torero" Michelito siendo corneado por un pequeño toro han dado la vuelta al mundo. Es indignante que en Colombia las normas dejen en el desamparo a niños y animales, porque no es ético torturar a un animal y tampoco lo es que un niño sea explotado por sus padres por una supuesta "afición profesional".

Las autoridades actúan de mala fe y engañando a todos ciudadanos pidiendo el fin de la violencia en Colombia mientras protegen los intereses de la carnicería taurómaca por encima de los derechos de niños y animales. Ese país nunca tendrá paz mientras se siga tolerando la sangre y la tortura de los seres vivos.

Atentamente, Name/Country

Source: Animanaturalis

Michelle Lagravere, 11 year old matadorA bullfight which featured an 11 year old matador has been described as "child abuse".

Michelle Lagravere tortured and killed 6 calves in Mexico on Saturday 24th January 2009, despite animal rights campaigners trying to have the fight stopped.

He became the youngest matador to have made so many kills and said he was "happy to have achieved a great victory".

But activists said the youngster had been exploited to publicise bullfighting.

"It's a form of child abuse. He's been taught from an early age to kill bulls for fun" said a spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports. "This will cause revulsion in Mexico and around the world and it's sad that this boy has been damaged from a very, very early age."

Michelito - the son of a French bullfighter - has slain more than 60 calves and made his first kill aged just 6. He practices as a toddler using a tea towel as a cape and killed a month old calf when he was 4.

After campaigners tried to get the fight banned he told them to mind their own business.

The judge approved this sickening atrocity - which was watched by thousands of people - moments before it was due to take place in the city of Merida.

But the League said the fight may prove to be counter productive and hasten the decline of this evil.

"Bullfighting in Spain inparticular is in very serious financial trouble because young Spaniards aren't interested any more. It's reasonable that decline will eventually find its way to Latin America," he added.

Bullfighting remains legal in Spain, Portugal, France, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Columbia and Peru.

This was allowed to go ahead after child safety checks

The National Association of Matadors declared the performance a one-time record in his age group for bull calves killed.

But Guinness World Records has told Lagravere he won't be seeing his name in their famous tome.

"We do not accept records based on the killing or harming of animals," it said in a statement.

The youth's fight was briefly suspended on Saturday when state child protection authorities intervened.

But fears for child safety subsided and the event was allowed to go ahead.

Mexico has no minimum age for bullfighting. But children are supposed to be closely supervised as they advance from non-lethal exhibitions with small calves to full-fledged bullfights.

This boy was taught to kill calves from the age of 4 - how completely sick and depraved. This is the destruction of a childs innocence, as a normal child loves animals. This is akin to showing a child pornography. His parents should be prosecuted for child abuse.

Michelle Lagravere was praying to the Virgin Mary prior to his "fight" - this seems strange as Jesus was born in a stable amongst such animals when humans turned his parents away. So I don't think Mary would be happy about Lagravere's activities.

Lagravere's response to animal rights protestors was that they should "mind their own business". Well, if he ever gets tortured, beaten and stabbed by thugs I wonder how he would feel if people just "mind their own business". Siobhan Gavaghan