Poem about the matador Christian Montcouquiol

Christian Montcouquiol was a matador who hanged himself in 1991 after being paralysed by a bull:

I saw your name in a list of bullfighters

I picked it at random

Found you on Twitter

Saw the face of a young man smiling

I posted a tweet expressing my anger that animals are abused

Thinking that you might read my words which may cause you to ponder

Then I discovered you were long dead

In life you were a matador

You could have chosen another path

Yet you chose the path of death and destruction

You proudly wore the garish outfit of the torturer

To inflict hideous pain and death

On your non-human victims

You smiled at the cheering crowds

As the bull lay broken and in agony

Gasping for breath

Vomiting blood

Hoping death will come soon

Wondering why this is happening

Then his tortured soul sped

Your deeds were so vile

Then one day a bull hit back

You were tossed in the air

and landed on your head

Then you were paralysed

Your body regained movement

Apart from one arm

In 1991 you hanged yourself in your garage

You must have been in the depths of despair

I wonder if, through your own suffering, you came to regret the suffering you had caused?

Whether this caused you to feel compassion and empathy for the creatures you tortured?

All you had to do was leave them alone

Then you would not have ended your life aged 37

As your life slipped away, I believe you had an audience of spectators

The bulls you killed, staring in silence

You took their lives, then you took your own

I am not sad you are gone

I do not mourn you

You can never harm animals again

By Susan Maria Gavaghan