Gruesome moment female matador holds severed ears of bull aloft seconds after chopping them off

From the Daily Mirror - 26th May 2015

These pictures show the shocking moment a female matador holds aloft a bull's severed ears just seconds after they were chopped off.

Bullfighter Lea Vicens was almost gored to death by the bull in front of screaming fans during the Feria de Nimes fighting festival in the south of France.

But just moments later the matador jumped to her feet and chopped off the bull's ears - triumphantly holding them up to the watching crowd.

Body parts of the bulls are often cut off as a sign of victory.

Ms Vicens was in her home town at the five-day bullfighting festival and is a popular figure in the sport for her aggressive performances.

She took three ears during the contest and was narrowly beaten by Diego Venutra who took four ears and a tail.

In 2012, she cut off around 60 ears and 10 tails from bulls in the controversial sport.

Lea Vicens, picador, held the severed ears of a bull to a cheering crowd at a bullfight.

This woman can be contacted on Twitter and Facebook. English can be converted to Spanish by Google translate.

This woman was unable to answer my questions as to why she was torturing and abusing animals, and blocked me from her Twitter account.