Protest in Bilbao


Animalist associations Anima Naturalis, Equanimal and CAS - International along with more than 200 animal activists were united this Saturday, 21st August in front of the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao in protest against the bullfighting acts that are being celebrated during the Great Week of the Vizcaya capital.

Arriving from various regions of Spain, 200 activists eased up in the ground in front of the Guggenheim museum and formed the figure of a bull representing their agony and suffering when dying in the bullring Far from the tenacious speeches that from political sectors have tried to hype our fight for animal rights, after the prohibition of the bullfights of bulls in Catalonia, the past Sunday was sent a clear message to the world: the abolition of the bullfighting is a fight by the advance of the ethics. "Where an animal is mistreatreated, this is unethical and we will fight to end this."

The spokeswoman of AnimaNaturalis, Aïda Gascón, emphasized that society "is becoming ever more aware and conscious each day that torturing animals for the entertainment is not ethical."

The protest gained coverage in the media throughout Spain and also in the international press.

We want to remember, in addition, that the fight for the abolition of the bullfighting constitutes the forfront of fight, but is not exculsive to this. In our work we fight for the rights of all the animals to live, and not to be exploited, or in bullrings, circuses, zoos, in laboratories of experimentation or in farms and slaughter houses.

We want to take this opportunity to be thankful for the support and the participation of those who fight day to day to strive to end the suffering of animals. Between us alll we formed the force that makes possible the advancement of the abolition of all animal suffering.