Campaigns Against Bloody "Fiestas" in Spain

Toro Enmaromado (Bull with Ropes) - Benavente, Zamora

Date 4th to 9th June

The bull is bound with ropes and dragged all over the village till he dies of exhaustion or by the cutting of his throat.

Please send one of these postcards to the email addresses below.

City Hall of Benavente
Plaza del Grano, 3
49600 Benavente (Zamora)
Centralita: +980 63 04 45
Fax: +980 63 61 08 Tourism
"Plaza Mayor"
Plaza Mayor, s/n.
Tfno. +980 63 42 11 City Hall of Zamora

Plaza de Viriato, s/n. (Palacio Provincial)
49001 Zamora
Fax + 34 980536495

Diputacion Provincial de Zamora
Plaza de Viriato, s/n
49071 Zamora
Fax + 34 980533033

El Toro de Coria (Coria's Bull) - Coria

Date 23rd to 29th June

The bull walks and runs for hours in the streets while people throw darts at him. When he is too tired and weak from loss of blood to continue to escape, the villagers cut his testicles while he is still alive.

Please send the postcard below.

City Hall of Coria

Avd. Extremadura, 39
10800 Coria

Diputacion Provincial de Caceres
Plaza de Santa Maria, s/n
10071 Caceres
Fax + 34 927255471

El Toro de la Vega (Bull with Spears) - Tordesillas

This brutality occurs every September. Please this postcard to the authorities. Below you will find the email addresses.

The bull Rodanero was murdered in 14/9/04 in Tordesillas, Spain.

Thousands of bulls like Rodanero are brutally murdered in Spain either in bullfights or in popular fiestas.

You can make the difference, please send the the postcard below to the authorities of Tordesillas and also to the Catholic Church.

Don't forget that this slaughter is made in the name of a Saint. Please remember that in 2005 another bull wil be speared till death in this barbaric fiesta.

This campaign will continue until this blood-thirsty cruelty ends.

Photo from the Spanish newspaper "Norte de Castilla" of the Bull of Vega,,,,,,

Toros de Fuego (Fire Bulls) - Medinaceli, Soria

Date 11th November

This particular savagery consists in putting a kind of ball of pitch on both the horns of the bulls and setting fire to the balls. The bulls are released on the streets. These balls burn for hours, burning the horns, body and eyes, causing terrible suffering.
Several times the bulls try to kill themselves against walls, due to the horrible pain.

Please choose one of the postcards below to email.

City Hall of Medinaceli
Plaza del Ayuntamiento,1
42240 Medinaceli
Fax + 34 975326053

Diputacion Provincial de Soria

President de la Junta de Castilla y Leon
Juan Vicente Campo
Plaza de Castilla y Leon,1
Fax + 34 983411269