Protest against Frank Evans booksigning

Protest in Nantwich against Frank EvansFrank Evans was due to sign his his autobiography entitled "The Last British Bullfighter" at Waterstones in Liverpool and Manchester this month. However, after a flood of e-mails from protestors, Waterstones cancelled these events.

However, Nantwich Bookshop refused to cancel a booksigning by Evans which took place between 11 am - 1 pm on Saturday 19th September, 2009 on the grounds of "Freedom of Speech" - do the bulls have freedom to decide whether they want to be tortured to death or not?

A demonstration against this event took place and was highly succussful. Only a small number of people were seen entering the store and buying this book. One woman came out of the store and showed us the copy of Evans' book she had bought and said that this had been written by a friend of hers - it was obvious that he had asked his family and friends to come to the store and purchase his book.

The vast majority of the people in Nantwich were supportive of our demonstration and told us so; in fact I was informed that many of the staff in the bookshop were unhappy about this event and did not agree with Evan's activities.

Protest in Nantwich against Frank EvansOutside the store there were people at tables drinking coffee - one young man told me that I should be doing something better than this, and why did I not campaign against peodophiles - I asked him what he was doing against peodophiles, and that I was doing something I believed in, not sitting on my ass drinking coffee. I then explained the link between human and animal abuse. I was later informed that this person was in fact Evans' son.

Most people entering the store had not come to buy Evans book, and told us so as they entered the premises. We were not exactly fighting off huge crowds - this shows that Evans is a very self deluded individual to expect people to be interested in his life story as an animal abuser. When he had finished signing he did not pass us but sneaked out at the side - how brave of him.

I think that the lack of interest in this book gave Evans and the manager of the bookstore a very clear message - the general public ARE NOT INTERESTED. So get the hint Frank.