Hanging of Greyhounds in Spain

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PETITION: To Save the Dogs of Spain


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Sample Letter (Personalized comments have more impact)

Honorable Government Officials, Embassies, and Tourism Agencies of Spain:

With the conclusion of Spain's hunting season, the hanging of the galgos/greyhounds begins. And once again the world bears witness to dead dogs, dangling from wire nooses, inches above the ground. Every year tens of thousands of Spain's hunting and racing dogs meet a crude and senseless fate after brief lives of loyal service.
The mutilation and slaughter of these dogs, most as young as two years of age, is an affront to humanity. I appeal to the Spanish government to outlaw the extermination of retired "working" dogs and other abandoned companion animals. All dogs and cats instinctively value life. Dogs hung from trees at the end of hunting season suffer no less because their purpose has expired.
Animals hurled from bridges, tied to train tracks, or asphyxiated in plastic bags endure no less pain--simply because they are no longer needed.
I call upon officials to enforce article 337 of the federal Penal Code, along with any other animal welfare laws, that protect the galgos and companion animals of Spain. In addition, please ban all hunting with greyhounds, like the rest of the European Union.
Year after year the massacre continues, even as authorities claim it doesn't. I respectfully demand action, not lip service. Citizens of the world are appalled by reports and photos of dogs found shot, strangled, mutilated, and tossed into mass graves.
These are sentient, docile creatures. They are not trash. Law enforcers must respond to incidents of animal cruelty. Lawmakers must uphold laws to safeguard the galgos and other animals of Spain. And the European Union must intervene if Spain fails to meet even minimum standards of animal welfare.
Please inform me of any plans to raise the standard of animal protection in Spain. Under present circumstances, I cannot tour or otherwise support a country that sanctions the brutalization of animals. I will advise family, friends and colleagues to join me in a boycott of Spanish tourism and commerce until animals are treated with respect and compassion.


Additional Sample Letter in Spanish

To ensure everyone understands your message, you may also choose to send the short letter below. Source: Galgo Groupcare2

Estimado Señor/Estimada Señora,

Ultimamente he entendido con horror del trato barbaro y violento de los galgos en España. Es increíble que un país considerado civilizado tolera un tal situación.
Lo siento mucho porque me gustan España y el pueblo español pero no voy a comprar ningún producto español ni viajar mas en su país hasta que los que maltratan y torturan los galgos y otros animales sean procesado por crueldad según la ley española. (articulo 337 del codigo penal).
No sirve nada, me parece, tener leyes para la protección de los animales si no hay nunca juicios para procesar los culpables. Espero que el gobierno español vaya comenzar pronto a proteger los galgos de la tortura y la muerte horrible que sufren ahora. Que criaturas mas dulces y sensibles! Es verdaderamente un escándalo tratarlos así!

(Your name and contact info)

English Translation:

Gentlemen, Ladies,

I recently learned about the barbaric and violent treatment of the Galgos/Greyhounds in Spain. I am horrified. I will not to travel to Spain or buy Spanish products until Spain prosecutes people who torture and abuse dogs. What good is having protection laws if they are not enforced?
Civilized societies punish people who abuse and torture animals.
Please do the right thing and ENFORCE the laws (article 337 of the federal Penal code) that protect these docile, sensitive creatures.



Jose Maria Anzar, Spain's Prime Minister: jmaznar@presidencia.gob.es

José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Presidente del Gobierno (President of the Government)
Palacio de la Moncloa
28071 Madrid
fax: 0034 913 900 217; email: jlrzapatero@presidencia.gob.es, portal.presidencia@mp.boe.es

Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, Vicepresidenta Primera
Ministra de la Presidencia y Portavoz del Gobierno
Complejo de la Moncloa, Avda
Puerta de Hierro, s/n
28071 Madrid
web email:

Eurodiputado Madrid: epmadrid@europarl.eu.int

Embassy of Spain in the United States
Carlos Westendorp y Cabeza, Spanish Ambassador to the United States
2375 Pennsylvania Av. NW
Washington D.C. 20037
email: spain@spainemb.org
web email: http://www.spainemb.org/ingles/indexing.htm

Permanent Mission of Spain to the United Nations
Ambassador Juan Antonio Yáñez-Barnuevo
823 United Nations Plaza, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10017
ph: 212-661-1050; fax 212-949 7247; email: general@spainun.org

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President José Manuel Barroso, European Commission
1049 Brussels, Belgium
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