Portugal - Protest Against the Returning of Bullfights to Lisbon

After being closed for 6 years the bullring of Lisbon reopened after renovation work on the 18th May. A small shopping mall was built under the bullring with shops, bars and restaurants. This cost 60 million euros.
If you visit Lisbon boycott this shopping mall, because some of the money spent in these shops will be used to subsidise the bullring itself.

Please sent protest letters to the Mayor of Lisbon and to the Department of Tourism. (Try to write a different letter, please)

Dear Mr. Mayor,
I was informed that Lisbon has again its "cathedral" of torture reopened.
It's shameful that after 6 years of being a capital free of cruelty it's now again a capital of torture.
While you persist in torturing animals in the name of "tradition and culture" I will not visit your city and I will advise my family and friends to do the same.

President of the City Hall
Carmona Rodrigues
Paços do Concelho - Praça do Município, 1º
1100-365 Lisboa
Email: gab.presidencia@cm-lisboa.pt

Rua Alexandre Herculano,46 . 7º
1269-054 Lisboa
Fax + 351 213588690
Email: turismo@cm-lisboa.pt

Direcção Geral do Turismo
Avenida António Augusto de Aguiar, 86
1069-021 Lisboa
Fax: + 351 213586666
Email: dgturismo@dgturismo.min-economia.pt

Source: International Movement Against Bullfights www.iwab.org