Demonstration in Toredisillas

Demonstration in ToredisillasOn 12th September, 2009 I flew to Madrid to join the demonstration in Toredisillas against the torture and spearing of a bull to death, which is an annual event in this village.

I found my way to the coach on the morning of the 13th September, and met with the dedicated Spanish animal rights groups.

As the coach drove to the village, I saw beautiful black bulls in the fields, grazing peacufully, unaware of the voilence which was to be inflicted upon one of them shortly. If only all bulls could live their lives in such tranquility without this torture and brutality.

We then arrived at our destination and were confined to one spot to demonstrate; there were armed police in attendance. The event attracted a lot of media attention.

After the event we went to a nearby town to march through the streets in protest against bullfighting; I only experienced one hostile person, an old man who deliberately trod on my flip-flop and made obscene gestures at the demonstration. Then there was a rally, with various speakers; although I was unable to understand what they were saying, the seemed really passionate. It was a very heartening and positive experience to see this movement growing.

I was befriended by a very kind young woman named Roccio who allowed me to use an apartment her friend was renting but was not there at the time. She herself lived in an apartment in the same block with 8 cats and 2 small dogs, to which she was devoted.

She told me that the vast majority of Spanish people are not in favour of bullfighting or cruel fiestas, just a minority of stupid people.

Later, Spanish newspaper reports held polls for those in favour or against the fiesta in Tordesillas; the vote of over 80% was overwhelmingly opposed to this barbarity.