Out With the Old – In With the Nudes!

The Following is an Article by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
For further information, please visit their website: www.runningofthenudes.com

Just days before the first bull run in Pamplona, hundreds of activists, most wearing little more than a red scarf and horns, will take to the streets for the annual “Running of the Nudes”. Compassionate and fun-loving people from around the world meet in Spain every year to show the city that it doesn’t need to torture animals for tourism. The “Running of the Nudes” is not a race – it’s a rally, a reunion and, most of all, a rocking party! Is this your idea of a good time? Get an eyeful of the festivities from previous nude runs – luckily, our bull buddies love to take pictures – and then join the fun!

Rev Up for the ‘Run’ by Spreading the Word

The nudes are coming; will you be ready? Whether you prepare by getting fit or finding the perfect trainers to compliment your red scarf and horns, there’s one thing every participant should do – spread the word! We want to be sure that everyone knows what the “Running of the Nudes” is all about. Are your friends an adventurous bunch? Does your family like to support you in your charitable endeavours? Do you have an animal-loving neighbour? Tell them all that you’ve evolved to the “Running of the Nudes”, and ask if they will join you in Pamplona or sponsor your trip. Use our e-cards to round up your friends’ support, and then send a letter to Pamplona officials to remind them that you (and hundreds of friends) will be converging on Pamplona very soon.

Stop the Bloody Bullfight!

Every year, thousands of visitors from around the world arrive in Pamplona, Spain, to join in the “Running of the Bulls”. But tourists are often appalled when they see terrified animals racing through streets that are packed with drinking, brawling people. The bulls’ hooves slip on the pavement as they frantically try to escape the chaos. Sometimes, in their confusion, they bash into doors or the sides of buildings, breaking horns or legs. Human runners and spectators gouge them with sticks or pull their tails, and they, too, are sometimes injured, gored or trampled by bulls who are desperate to escape. What awaits the animals that afternoon is even more gut-wrenching. Already traumatised bulls are tortured in bullfights, in which they are repeatedly stabbed and bled in order to weaken them, and bullfighters sever the animals’ spines while they are still conscious.