Bull Killed After Jumping Into Spectators

From www.care2.com - 20/8/2010

Disturbing video was released on Wednesday after a bull jumped into the arena of the Tafalla bullring in Spain and trampled spectators. The bull charged and tossed everything in his sight, leaving 40 people injured.

The incident happened at an event called “recortadores” where people get into the ring and try to get as close as possible to a bull without getting hurt or gored.

Participants goad the bulls into charging at them so they can dodge away. And more experienced contestants take turns performing acrobatic maneuvers like doing summersaults over the backs of the bulls.

The Associated Press said the event was attended by 3,500 fans which were made up of mostly young people that wanted a turn inside the bullring.

Recortadores are considered to be more humane bullfights because the bulls are not typically killed. However, that doesn’t mean the events are a cakewalk for the bulls and that they don’t get hurt.

The bull that hurled himself into the grandstands had injured one of his horns and was being returned to the corral when he leaped into the crowd. He had tried to jump over the barriers and into the spectators two other times that day.

After several minutes the 1,100 pound bull was rounded up with the help of a former bullfighter who was in the crowd. The bull was then killed.

Most of the injuries to the fans were minor and consisted of cuts and bruises. One 10-year-old boy was admitted to intensive care after the bull fell on him. And another man was gored in the back, but was in stable condition.

The mayor of Tafalla reflected about the outcome of the incident. “What could have been a tragedy ended up as a big fright,” said Mayor Cristina Sota to the Diario de Navarra newspaper.

A reader of The Lede also tried to defend the recortadores: This was not a typical bullfight. In these types of “corridas” they do not kill the bull, nor do they harm it. The show consists of getting as close as possible to the bull, without getting hurt…..the animals are not harmed in any way.

Unfortunately this is not what happened at the Tafalla bullring. The bull was hurt during the show and executed for his behavior.

News about this story grew quickly, but there is very little discussion about the stress the animals endure or the confusion they must experience by being placed inside a ring with people taunting them. This sad event is another reason why the ban on bullfighting, like the one recently passed in the Catalonia region of Spain, is a good idea.